My Little Brother is a Stud

26 10 2007


I’m headed to Dallas tonight to watch my little bro Luke play some football. He plays quarterback for the Mesquite HS Skeeters – and he’s a stud.

Before last week he was the back-up who split some time. The guy in front of him was a senior who is orally committed to play at Oregon. But that was all before last week.

Last week they played their cross town rival North Mesquite. The other QB was in, and long story short, they went down 21-0 in the first quarter. The coach, who also happens to be my dad, put Luke in, and he went off. They ended up winning 28-21. He was 15-25 with 260-ish  yards (all in three quarters, mind you) and basically turned the game around. The other guy was like 3-8 with 8 yards.

So Luke’s starting this week, and I’m going to watch him play again. I’m pretty pumped for my little bro.  Props to my dad for making the decision to play Luke.





One response

28 10 2007
Jon Hicks

THAT IS AWESOME! Here’s to the HALPINS! Go Skeeters…

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