Maybe terrorism isn’t so bad…

3 04 2008

Sally Kern, a representative in Oklahoma, said that homosexuality is a bigger threat than terrorism.

Yes.  People strapping bombs to themselves and blowing up large numbers of people.  Not quite as scary as some man I don’t know who happens to be sexually attracted to another man.

God is going to punish us to be sure.  Who knows?  Maybe his punishment for homosexuality is terrorism.  Perhaps Rep. Kern should have made that connection.

This is the kind of thing that makes me hate conservatism.  I mean really, what good does that kind of a statement do?  And it’s not just the statement; it’s the whole way of thinking that just doesn’t make a lick of sense to me.  Do you honestly think that if we were able to outlaw homosexual lifestyles it would get us somewhere?  Do you honestly think that homosexuality is a bigger problem than terrorism, a bigger problem than drug abuse, than violence, than poverty?  Really?  What it would really solve if we were able to pass legislation that outlawed gay marriage?

Oh wait… we have passed such legislation, and our problems remain.  Good job, fundies.

Over-arching question:  Why is it that Christians feel the need to enforce their morals/beliefs on others?  This isn’t a new concept (think Spanish Inquisitions).

Why can’t the church just be the church?  Why do we have to be hateful bigots?

Final question: which is more immoral – to live a lifestyle of homosexuality, or to live a lifestyle that is characterized by demeaning others who you don’t agree with?




One response

3 04 2008

“God is going to punish us for sure.”

You’re right. He will punish us for saying such hateful things.

You criticize conservatism/fundamentalism (as you should) but unfortunately for most people a story like this simply reflects on Christianity and not one part of Christianity. That’s what makes me frustrated. Makes me not want to call myself a Christian.

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