Pointless Quiz Time

7 11 2007

You’re St. Justin Martyr!

You have a positive and hopeful attitude toward the world. You think that nature, history, and even the pagan philosophers were often guided by God in preparation for the Advent of the Christ. You find “seeds of the Word” in unexpected places. You’re patient and willing to explain the faith to unbelievers.

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What’s my theological worldview?

18 09 2007

What’s my theological worldview, you ask?

Well, I’m a heretic.1 Thanks for asking. To prove it I’ve taken a quiz, and here are the results:


You scored as Emergent/Postmodern, You are Emergent/Postmodern in your theology. You feel alienated from older forms of church, you don’t think they connect to modern culture very well. No one knows the whole truth about God, and we have much to learn from each other, and so learning takes place in dialogue. Evangelism should take place in relationships rather than through crusades and altar-calls. People are interested in spirituality and want to ask questions, so the church should help them to do this.

Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan
Neo orthodox
Modern Liberal
Classical Liberal
Roman Catholic
Reformed Evangelical

What’s your theological worldview?
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I’m not going to lie. I’m proud of the 4% Fundamentalist ranking. That’s little to no fundamentalism in my life.


1 Heretic in this case means non-fundamentalist, or, as they say, “liberal.”