Sammy’s Interview

13 05 2008

When asked about what he thought of the Democratic Presidential primary and whether or not Sen Clinton should drop out of the race, this is what my son Sam had to say (that’s Meet the Press on the TV in the background)…

I shall vomit you out of my mouth Sen Clinton!


You mean I can actually call myself an evangelical?

8 05 2008

Evangelical Manifesto.

Signs That I Am Aging – #1

7 05 2008

I started listening to talk radio.

By personal choice.

And I like it.

In fact, I almost prefer it.

Roland Martin on the Rev. Wright Double Standard

7 05 2008

One of my favorite CNN commentators said this of the recent Jeremiah Wright “controversy.”

Now that Sen. Barack Obama has denounced his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, many of his critics, especially those who call themselves conservative, are happy he has put the dashiki-wearing, American-criticizing former Marine in his place. See, these same voices, many that are allegedly Christian, have reacted with glee by calling Wright a prophet of hate and a race baiter.

They hold themselves up to be so concerned about their fellow brother and sister, yet if you looked at their personal lives, I doubt you’d find many with African-American friends and associates (and I doubt their staffs are the most diverse in the world, but that’s another story)….

Read the whole article here.

Salvation as Liberation 2

30 04 2008

Salvation is liberation, and liberation is salvation.

Salvation comes from Christ and Christ alone.  He is the way, the truth, and the life.

But that doesn’t mean what you think it means.  It doesn’t mean that by merely ‘praying the sinner’s prayer’ you get to go to heaven.  The sinner’s prayer, in many contexts, sells the gospel short.  It is the classic example of “cheap grace” that Dietrich Bonhoeffer talked about.  Cheap grace is the definition of God’s grace that says you don’t have to do anything to be saved.

When we say that salvation comes from Christ alone, this means that following him to the cross is our means of salvation and liberation.  Jesus cannot be known outside of his crucifixion and resurrection, and we are not Christians unless we follow him to the crucifixion and resurrection.  We must accept the “costly grace” that our Lord Jesus offers us.  “When Christ calls a man, he bids him come and die” (again, Bonhoeffer).

It is when we die that we receive salvation and liberation.

Little Pleasures of Being a Daddy

28 04 2008

The other night Shari and I were sitting on the couch with the TV on. I had Sam in my lap, and he was sitting up, just hanging out, really. I looked up at the TV for like ten seconds, and I looked back down at Sam and I see something like this face…

He was just grinning at me the whole time even though I wasn’t looking at him.

Then the other night at about 3 in the morning I was rocking him to sleep. He had his pacifier in his mouth, and he appeared to be almost asleep. I put my finger in his hand so he could have something to hold, and he grabbed it and started to giggle.

(more photos on the Sammy page).

From Jurgen Moltmann…

27 04 2008

“The death of Jesus on the cross is the centre of all Christian theology….  The nucleus of everything that Christian theology says about God is to be found in this Christ event.  The Christ event on the cross is a God event.  And conversely, the God event takes place on the cross of the risen Christ.  Here God has not just acted externally, in his unattainable glory and eternity.  Here he has acted in himself and has gone on to suffer in himself.  Here he himself is love with all his being….”

In The Crucified God, pp. 204 & 205.